Oh, and another thing…

Posted in Uncategorized by EVWG on the May 17th, 2006

My wife is a New York City Public school teacher and she got them crazy hours that happen to be opposite from mine. But in June man she is out for summer and her and I want to start touring the NYC wine bar scene. I will put some comments about them as we partake. The City is starting to warm up to this wine bar thing and it is a great way to experience awesome wine you may not have heard of. The challenge is to find the wine bars that have an informative staff. Not some jaded and disgruntled server willing to sell you any swill they think is easy to pour. I want to find the peeps that at least care about what the customer wants. Wine preferences are like our fingerprints, everyone is different. In general and according to mood and weather believe it or not. This sounds like it could be fun….Yeah….I think we are gonna hook it up soon. For now though I am going to try some great Italian wines. Italy has the longest list of varietals among all the wine producing regions of the world and can be the most daunting. I love me some Italian wine and I want to ramble about my favs. Coming soon is my take on Primitivo. Is it Zin? We’ll see.

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