One of the best in the east village…

Posted in Uncategorized by EVWG on the May 20th, 2006

One of the best cappuccino in the east village if not the whole lower part of Manhattan is at Taralucci e Vino on 1st Ave and 10th street. I am blown away every time i go. I guess I should say of all the places I have gone for cappuccino in the city and surrounding Burroughs this place is one of the best. The sweets they got in there are amazing and the gelato is real gelato. You can tell they are serious about what they do because the line can get long and that does not phase them. They take their time and don’t cut any corners. If you order a cappuccino you sit there and watch them create with flawless mastery. They could do it in their sleep. You can sit inside and rock out to whatever the girls are jammin or sit outside and people watch as you sip one of the best. One tip. If you are sitting outside you don’t have to wait in line just go on out to the table and a staff member will take care of you. Try the homemade tiramisu!

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