East Village Sunday (sort of) Part Three: De-Vino and Malbec

Posted in Uncategorized by EVWG on the May 30th, 2006

When we were at Piada finally enjoying our Sunday I saw that the owner had business cards of a wine shop down the street called De-Vino. I had heard of this place and always wanted to go there but was never in the area. This was the perfect time. Sated and refreshed we walked down to the corner of Clinton and Stanton and there on the east side of the street was the place. We walked in and I was immediately in love. The selection of Italian wine was amazing. The shop is very small and so is the selection but the concentration of amazing producers is great. It’s like the VIP of Italian wine in one little 700 square foot space. I love Italian wine and have been heavily into it for a couple of years now. I always try to search out the smaller producers. I look for the people that maybe do less than the big guys but have more of the passion. It is all represented here. I had a nice chat with the owner and he told me that he had 90% Italian wine and 10% international. I was immediately interested in what the 10% consisted of.
If his Italian selection was this good I was ready to trust his international tastes. He showed me two racks towards the front of the store that contained some french some Spanish and South American as well as some United States wines from Cali and New York State. I was ready to try them all. I asked him which one was his favorite malbec and he pointed to the Altos Los Hormigas reserva 2004. I did not hesitate. Sold. I thanked him for his hard work ion developing such an impressive small selection (like he needed some to tell him that. I’m just an average Joe) and we were on our way. My wife and I worked our way back to the apartment for a bit of a rest before heading back out for an artistic performance in Williamsburg that night.
I will be trying the malbec this weekend and can’t wait to share my feelings on it. I am really excited to try this Argentinean wine. South American and Spanish wines are very affordable these days and it is possible to find some gems at low prices. These wines usually have great acidity and some wonderful flavors that pair well with food and company. Also I have put a link to the citysearch map in the heading of this post if you would like to check this little treasure trove of wine out.

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