Philly in The City

Posted in Uncategorized by EVWG on the June 5th, 2006

I love New York City. It’s a love affair that continues day after day and gets better and better. This town has it all…wait…maybe not it all. I also love Philadelphia. The home of Rocky, The Roots, G. Love and Special Sauce and the some of the best public art in the country. My wife (who I also have a love affair with and gets better day after day) and I like to go to Philly (illy) once a year and enjoy what the city has to offer. We walk up and down South street and soak it all in. But what really tops off every trip is the journey to south Philly to stand in line either at Gino’s or Pat’s and scarf down some of the best cheese steak in town. Whether we make it there in the daytime or a 2am the area is always packed. The line moves fast though and there is nothing like sitting among the locals and dinning on some of the best. So maybe NYC doesn’t have it all…oh…wait a second. Maybe it does.
Yesterday I discovered a little bit of Philly in New York City. On 3rd Avenue between 12th and 13th street there is a joint by the name of 99 Miles To Philly. This place id great! Upon entering you are greeted with exposed brick walls and the small of cheese steak and onions. There are framed photographs on the wall of old-world Philly and a flat screen TV playing sports on the wall. But what really makes it Philly for me is the Original Rocky Poster framed on the wall paying homage to not only one of the best movies ever made but to a city that provided the background (I have ran up those steps with the Rocky Title song racing through my brain and am happy to admit it).
I ordered the Cheese steak (of course) with American cheese and onions and a side of fries. On the table they have all the right accompaniments; ketchup, BBQ sauce and hot sauce. The wait is not long at all (unless your really excited about this whole experience as I was) and the result is exceptional. The roll, the way the steak is cooked, the onions, everything about this sandwich is reminiscent of the original. Not some bastardization of the title “Philly Cheese steak.” Now, Nothing will beat the two big guns residing in South Philly. If it weren’t for Gino’s and Pat’s well….I don’t even want to think about it but this is a great substitute that will hold us over until my wife and I journey to the city of brotherly love once more. Thank you 99 Miles to Philly ( I put a link in the title of this post for map) for giving us the some of the best your hometown has to offer.

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