The Crooked Tree…A Must To Do!

Posted in Uncategorized by EVWG on the August 30th, 2006

snuff.jpgOkay let’s get down to business…you’re hungry. It’s brunch time and plan A has a 45-minute wait and plan B has a 20-minute wait. You had fiddled around for too long in the apartment and when the hunger pangs started pangin’ it was almost two in the afternoon. Man, I feel ya. I have been there. It’s a tough spot to be in especially if the night before was “jovial.” Well, if this situation sounds way too familiar and you find yourself trekking up and down St. Marks place in The East Village then I have the perfect solution for you. This remedy. This solution goes by the name of The Crooked Tree. After you go to this little gem of a creperie it will cease to be a remedy and be morph into a necessity. Well, at least for my wife and myself it did.
We were caught in the dilemma explained above (as we always are) when, as we worked our way towards Ave. A heading for an impromptu plan C, there it was. It is a small place (about ten tables or so) with comfy surroundings including a framed photograph of what looks like Mr. Snuffleupagus mysteriously caped in some sort of foliage and the music is great. That day they were chillin’ with the Buena Vista Social Club in which case you just can’t go wrong. The menu id pretty extensive for a small place like this but it works. The thing is though, you can’t ignore the over a dozen or so different kinds of crepes they have. This is their specialty. I will eventually get to the other items on the menu (some good looking sandwiches and salads are on there) but not until I have tasted all the crepes which have two sections, sweet and savory. We both split two savory crepes and after went for a couple sweet ones.
They know how to make it man. These guys are good. The service is friendly and the food comes out at a good pace. I am sorry about the vagueness in the details of the food but it was a little while ago that we had this brunch. But we have since been back for dinner and walked away just as happy. The wines they have there are simple and good with the food. I would suggest going with a party of four some night and getting a bottle of red or white or both (they are both burgundies) and just go nuts on the savory crepes. When the wine is done and the plates are clean (and they will be) order the one bottle of port that they have for like $16 and go nuts on the sweet crepes. After all that they have good espresso and your evening is complete.
So if you’re stuck looking for a good brunch when every spot is crowded keep the crooked tree in mind. If you’re looking to have a fun dinner with wine and crepes and port and…fun keep the Crooked Tree in mind. I myself can’t wait to go back.

AHHHHHHHHH….the summer comes to an end…………

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I must post this apology. I have not babbled on my blog in a little while and I must say I am not too happy about it. I do, however, have a great excuse. My wife is a NYC public school teacher and when the summer hits and she has time on her hands I like to spend the days I am not managing a restaurant with her. We have done some fun stuff this summer, tried some great wines and ate at some great places here in the city. When my time shifts from lazy summer days with my wife rambling through our great town and traveling to hot spots for fun and food to me texting her when I wake up hoping her day is going well and that she got to work on time then all of it will come spilling out onto the page (and this will be soon). There are cool things to talk about and cool places to check out when traveling that I just gotta tell ya. ATL!