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flu.jpgWell it has been over a week and I am so sorry for not posting. Actually I have been sick for most of the time and found that it is almost impossible to write about wine when under the weather. There is this preoccupation with wanting to sleep or just veg with DVDs. I actually even attempted to taste wine…which was interesting and not in a good way. When your sick it seems that all you can taste is the acidity and sourness of a wine. I even tried a couple different wines to see if was the wine or if it was me. It was me. What a nightmare.
Well I am right as rain now and ready to dive back into where I was when the bug hit me. France. Tomorrow I will post mine and my friends’ experiences with a couple more French wines before I start exploring elsewhere.
I really do not like not being able to taste wine. When I am sick and cannot do so I truly realize how much I love this artisanal natural phenomenon. This amazing product of thousands of years of trial and error. Wine carries with it a mystery and an excitement that I miss dearly when I am unable to taste it. When I go to a shop and pick up a bottle of wine it hits me. The anticipation is almost too much (Antici…..pation. Rocky Horror Picture Show anyone? No? Sorry I got carried away there. I have rent that again. It’s been too long). The guys and I usually wait until later on in the evening when we can just sit back relax and dissect the wine lovingly but that excitement stays with me from purchase to popping. I am not going to go on and on about how much I dig wine. I think it is apparent (hopefully) through my writings. But I am back in wellville and will talk to ‘yall tomorrow about this excellent fifteen dollar Bandol we tried a week or so ago. Good gift wine for a holiday dinner get together.

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