Gary Vaynerchuk and the Vaniacs!

Posted in Uncategorized by EVWG on the December 13th, 2006

Vaynerchuck.jpgMy thirst for wine knowledge is never completely quenched. And honestly I don’t attempt to quench it. I just allow my geekiness to bring me form one wine to the next with an open mind. And when you have an open mind you constantly think of stuff other than what you’re supposed to be thinking about at that moment which leads to more questions and more inquiries. This is the life of a wine blogger. We are the people that sit and think about wine and love it so much we can’t help but share it with the world. As wine bloggers we (at least I hope) are reading every other wine blog out there trying to find that common thread of interest and approach. My focus when searching out wine blogs to read- and I read about fifteen to twenty a day- is a lack of pretense. Wine is for everyone and its knowledge should be shared. We are here to give that person just getting into wine a one up before they enter the store. We are the ones giving that person advice on what to look for in a wine merchant. We are the vintage trackers, the taste testers. But we do all this with the intention of helping. Not telling. We are putting our passions out for display in the hopes that we can help a little bit more in this sometimes confusing and esoteric yet amazingly fun world.
Speaking of amazingly fun. I said that I read about fifteen to twenty blogs a day. Well after a good couple of hours of writing my posts and reading and communicating with fellow bloggers there is one place I can go to just sit back, relax, smile and watch a wine review. Enter Gary Vaynerchuk. This guy brings something to the table that has not been brought before. He takes the blog idea to the next level. Gary is the host of his own video blog at WineLibraryTV and man is it a great time. According to is “About WineLibraryTV” He had his first wine experience at the age of seventeen and it is clearly evident that it only fueled him form there. He does a post everyday and it’s not just some guy sitting at table sipping expensive wine and droning on about things that only he knows. No. This is a fun time. The minute you click the screen on he comes with usually three or four wines on the table in front of him, a Jets spit bucket, sometimes some toy action figures of some sort and a dry erasure board with something written on it form the Jets game score to a welcoming to first timers to the show. He bursts out with his salutation by stating his name in pronunciation form, “Hello everybody and welcome to Wine Library TV. I am your host Gary Vay-ner-chuck.” which catches you immediately and screams that this guy is excited about what he wants to get out there and that he loves what he does.
He then launches into his show, which is everything, wine…and sometimes Jets. He always likes to keep his shows surrounding a theme whether it is the best wines for thanksgiving or a line of granache from different parts of the world (one of my recent favorites). He gives an introduction to what he’s tasting and gets right to it, all the while having fun messing with his camera crew and throwing objects, usually corks at the camera. And then comes my favorite part the tasting notes. I love Gary’s brutal honesty. He rates the wines that he tastes on a point system remniscent of the “the Spectator “ but with his enthusiasm and his passion shining through the screen I would take his ratings more to heart. If it is a new world wine he lets us know so an old world lover won’t go out and waste his or her mullah on a fruit bomb and vice versa. And the aroma descriptions that he pulls out are truly his own and make complete sense. He says what he thinks but he also does it in a way that is non-threatening. He has a good sense of humor and I think that is what is important in the wine world today. We have sit back, relax and enjoy. We have to be able to laugh when experiencing the good juice and the bad juice knowing that it’s all part of discovering this natural phenomenon. And Gary Vaynerchuk helps us do that. His viewers who call them selves “Vaniacs” are twenty thousand strong and growing…make that twenty thousand and one. Count me in. The WineLibraryTV website is chock full of information on wine as well as a place to order wine online, a written blog and a huge forum that people can communicate about what they have tried form the show (or not from the show in which case Gary makes a good effort to try get the requests that he gets in emails and on the forum on the show). This wine geek makes it a daily priority to check out what the Vaynerchuk is into. Keep it up man. When I talked about searching for a common thread in the beginning of this post this blog is the example that came to mind. You’re doing great work for the wine world everyday. To get pumped up and really get into this new and refreshing approach to wine blogging when you go onto the site find episode #125 (or just click on this) and you will get a feel of what this guy is all about. I will end this post with a quote from Gary that he ends his show with everyday and that I think really hits home with the approach he is taking. Cheers!

“ You. With a little bit of me. We’re changing the wine world.”

- Gary Vaynerchuk

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