Love Some Of that Food Candy!

Posted in Uncategorized by EVWG on the February 4th, 2007

Blogs are great. Bloggers are people like you and me with other things going on in their lives, who can’t help but tell the world about their passions. I love writing about wine, food and life and wrapping stories around tasting notes. Since this web log thing has caught on, the communities that have been formed are astounding. Whatever industry you are in, you can find a blog that has the inside info and leaves a place for you to have a voice, even if you are not the blogger. You as a reader of blogs can leave comments, start debates and spark new ideas for the blogger you are talking to, to write about. It is a beautiful thing when the people have a voice.
Food and wine blogs are everywhere on the net. There are home cooking blogs, video food and wine blogs, restaurant review blogs, wine blogs, the list goes on and on. In this quiet storm of opinions and views on everything culinary, there is something new emerging. It did not come from the blog-o-sphere. No, it came from the idea that was Friendster and that is now My Space. Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you… The mastermind behind this amazing site, is a wonderful man who goes by the moniker, Db. Food Candy takes the idea of a focused online community and hones in on it. is like a My Space for foodies and culinary fanatics. The same way you create your own profile on My Space, you can create your own page and share your love for the food in the city in which you reside, or talk to other city folk from around the country about what is happening in their neck of the woods.
Food Candy also has meet-ups in NYC every once in a while. This is very cool, just a bunch of like-minded foodies hanging out, talking shop. Db was nice enough to interview me for Food Candy about this blog and my passion for wine. Interview aside, I realize I have been so into the Food Candy site, that I haven’t taken the time to expose it to you guys. You wine geeks, you foodies, and you gastronomic freaky deekies, check this site out. It is a way to form a long lasting relationship with people with very similar interests. Holla!

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