The East Village Wine Geek Has Found A New Home

Posted in Uncategorized by EVWG on the February 14th, 2007

MovingDay.jpgLadies and gentlemen The East Village Wine Geek is moving. Yes, I have thought about it. Freaked out about it, pondered it and hammered it out. is cool and all but I want to keep the community of wine a growing entity. Let’s make this thing huge. Blogs made Time magazine, man.
It is not always easy moving. Taking precious belongings out of their comfortable existence and uprooting them to a new environment. The transport is always nerve-racking. Hopefully you don’t lose anything in the process. Where did my Eddie Money’s Greatest Hits CD go? Oh well, must have lost it in the move. And when you finally get from point A to point B there you are with all your stuff in a new location where does everything go? You have even more work ahead of you trying to re-establish your footing. This is my new place. This is where all my stuff, save for my Eddie Money CD, will learn to settle.
I have spoken about recently and how awesome they are. Well, they have offered my little blog a new home. They are going to help give The East Village Wine Geek a little bit of a makeover. Some new colors, new links, maybe even a logo or something, I don’t know. What is really important about this is it’s a way to expand the already growing online wine community. I am taking my energy and morphing it with someone else’s to build this network of wine on the net. When I saw that I had an opportunity to move my ramblings to a more secure platform and make this blog thing even more fun. I jumped to it (after my paranoia settled actually). I must admit I was nervous. I am not one of those bloggers that knows everything about the bells and whistles. I just know how to write, post and add a link and a photo or two.
I am here to talk about wine, food and life and my focus will never change. I am just going somewhere a little more safe and secure. No problems with a server crashing. No constant platform updates asking me to change my username or password and no more of those pesky Viagra and other random synthetic drug promos in my comments section.
So I ask, plead and implore you, please bare with me as I make my transition. I will attempt to post during this time but when the craziness of file transfer begins I will be out of commission for a day or two. As I am writing this I believe I am assuring myself of the safe transition more than I am you guys. I fell I am talking to you and talking myself down at the same time. Either way, it is happening. I will see y’all on the other side. I will post my new access information on this blog when I find out what it is. I am nervous about this and do not want to loose you guys. You have been very supportive from the get and I want to make sure you will be able to find me if you want. I still have to talk about the Ventana chardonnay from Monterey as well as a kosher Spanish wine and a night with Musar from Lebanon. Talk to you guys soon.

Who…me? No, I’m not nervous. Are you nervous? No, I am not nervous. Stop it I am not nervous. You’re nervous aren’t you? I need a glass of wine. Time to ponder and relax and just let it happen man.

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