Man is it good to be back!

Posted in Uncategorized by EVWG on the March 28th, 2007

I am a little embarrassed but this is my first post in about a month. I have spent the last three or four weeks without a computer. Macs are the most stable computers on the market but even the mighty Mac slows to a roll every once in a while. I’ve had this power book for four years now and nothing has gone wrong. All of the sudden out of the blue a domino effect occurred and it was one thing after another until the poor thing just wouldn’t start. I won’t waste time with the details of my technical woes. Let’s just say that I am still having issues but I was going insane not being able to post anything ramblings. It feels good to be back and I have a lot to talk about. I will make this one short and start and really get into it with a fresh post. Well short for one of my posts.
This is April and on the 23rd my wife and I will have been married for two years. Pretty cool. For our anniversary we are going to trek across California for twelve days. She has family out there so we are just going to cruise up and down the 101 and see relatives and hit wineries throughout the trip in different areas of the state. I am going to attempt to blog from the road. I have never done this and hope it works out. I will have my Mac with me so it shouldn’t be too hard.
During this forced hiatus something very cool has happened to this wine geek. Not only have I tried a bunch of really good wine that I really have to tell you guys about but an opportunity has come my way. Myself and two other wine geeks have decided to open a wine shop in beautiful New York City. It has been an interesting road recently getting this all together and I would love to capture it little by little as myself and the two other guys get closer and closer to having an awesome little shop in the East Village that will hopefully get our message out there that buying wine can and should be fun whether you have a good grasp on wine or whether you have no grasp whatsoever and want to know more.
I hope I didn’t loose too many of guys during this unfortunate period but if you are reading this know that I am sorry and it is good to be back. Talk to y’all soon.