It’s Good To Be Back! Cali Was Amazing!!

Posted in Uncategorized by EVWG on the April 11th, 2007

Well, it didn’t happen. I had these ideas of writing posts while in the moment, on the road after a day of wine tasting. Sitting down as the sun set in whatever area of the state I was in and pondering the characteristics of whatever my wife and I had tasted. This was not the case. And I am not disappointed, though. I don’t think I mentioned this before we left but this was my first time ever on the west coast. I had never been to California before. My wife on the other hand has most of her extended family out there so, for her it was a nostalgic reunion because it had been almost two years since she and I had seen some of them at our wedding. And there were others she hadn’t seen in six to ten years and that I had never met. So this was a pretty packed-in trip and I loved every minute of it.
I’ll give you a quick run down and then I’ll talk about the wine. Check this out. We flew into San Francisco and drove straight to Santa Cruz to stay with some family. Two days later we headed back up to San Francisco to stay for a couple of days with our friends Gal and Melanie who moved out there a couple of months ago (you may remember that name from early tastings on this blog. Gal was an integral part of the tasting crew who now resides on the left coast and still contributes to the dropping of wine knowledge from afar). While in San Fran we hit Sonoma for a day and did some quick tasting. We then began to head south. We took the Pacific Coast Highway that everyone had been telling me about and it was absolutely breathtaking. Every description I heard from friends and patrons was spot on. Wow, what a beautiful part of the world. We took the “PCH” to Monterey and had lunch (some of the best comida de Mexicana I have ever had) and made our way to Santa Barbara for the night.
The next day we went to Santa Barbara wine country, hitting Buellton, Solvang and a few really good wineries and vineyards. Yes, I must say we did check out some “Sideways” stuff. From there we…what did we do…Oh yeah…From there we headed toward L.A. to stay with a friend of mine who has been telling me I need to visit for about eight years now. She lives smack dab in the middle of Hollywood and we had a blast! I love L.A. Wow, what a town. The pulse of that city is insane. It is just as vibrant as NYC but in a different way. It moves in a different color scheme and sprawls outward where New York sprawls upwards. We rode through the Hollywood hills and saw the mansions of Beverly Hills. We shopped on Rodeo Drive (window shopped that is) and dined in this amazing Japanese restaurant over looking the entire town. It was hard to leave L.A. but we had to get to Laguna Beach for an extended-family-Easter-day meal in this beautiful house right on the beach with an amazing view. I fell asleep that night to the thunderous pounding of the monstrous Pacific Ocean waves.
And that was it. We shot up interstate 5 to San Fran for one more night and left very, very early (too early) the next morning for wonderful, beautiful New York City. I loved California. What an amazing state with a stimulating landscape that changes from green to desert and mountain to ocean in the blink of an eye. We drove a lot and I mean a lot but it was fine because everything was so new to me. I have been up and down the monotonous I-95 my whole life and I have had a great time up and down the A1A. This was a whole new experience. In my next post I will talk about the wines in more detail and about the climate of wine tasting in California. It is good to be back in NYC. I know it is cold here and we all want Spring weather to arrive a bit quicker but being away from the big apple for longer than I have ever been also made me really appreciate where I live. Big ups to the N, to the Y, to the C!! Cheers.

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