Why Not?

Posted in Uncategorized by EVWG on the May 9th, 2007

When we get that license we are open for business!

Wow! Everything is crazy right now. I have slipped into a world that was probably inevitable anyway. I have been serious into wine for over four years now going from heavy interest to true enthusiast to obsessive passionate into pure geekiness. I love wine and have decided to explore it in all aspects. I love the history of it. I love the mystery of it. I love the community that involves wine and I love sharing wine with good company. I figure the next step would be to take my mission and message about wine to the masses not only on the Internet but also on the street. Myself and two other geeks that have found themselves frequently mentioned in the ramblings of this crazy blog have decided to open a wine shop in Manhattan. An opportunity came our way and we decided to jump on it. Everything I have talked about in these posts about how wine can be good and affordable at the same time and how the service in wine shops can improve tremendously as well as the atmosphere and how wine should be fun and approachable and not pretentious and esoteric I would like to bring to life and fix them solid in reality.
We are, of course going to set up shop in The East Village and the name of the place will be Alphabet City Wine Co. keeping true to this area of New York’s past and giving respect to the people who have lived here and endured the city’s changes as it went from being called The Lower East Side to Alphabet City to the current East Village. I have really always been the East Village it’s just had different names from decade to decade. This is all depends on us acquiring an “on-premises beer and wine license.” These are not very easy to come by and take a long time to be issued. It will take us a good six months before we can actually sell wine in our shop so we are in deep demographic research mode to prove to the State Liquor Authority that this neighborhood is on the up and up. I won’t bore you with all the details but if it all works out we will be selling wine by Thanksgiving helping people find good, quality, valued wine for all those New York Thanksgiving get-togethers.
Speaking of good wine under twenty bucks. I have some great ones to talk about. In my next post I want to tell all of you about a great day in the park with good friends and an awesome trip to the near by wine shop for some spontaneous wine buying. Man that was fun. Talk to you guys soon. Cheers!